How to celebrate valentines day with your roommates 

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your roommates how much you care about them.

Whether you’re celebrating with your bestie, your college roomie, or your new post-grad digs-mate, there are plenty of ways to make your Valentine’s Day with roommates extra special.

Plan a Movie Night:

Gather your roommates together and plan a movie night. Choose a romantic comedy or classic to watch while you indulge in some popcorn and candy. You can even make it into a game night and add a few board games or card games to the mix.

Cook Together:

Instead of going out, why not stay in and cook together? Have everyone share their favorite recipes and come up with a menu that everyone can help with. Whether its pizza, lasagna, tacos, or anything else, a night of cooking with your roommates can be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Have a Gift Exchange:

For a fun twist, why not host a gift exchange with your roommates? You can set a budget and have everyone exchange gifts with one another. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for your roomies and have a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Go On a Group Date:

Ask your roommates to join you on a group date. Whether it’s bowling, miniature golf, or a night at the movies, it’s a great way to spend some quality time with your roommates. You can even plan a double date with some of your other friends.

Make a Photo Album:

Gather all your photos from the past year and create a photo album together. You can reminisce and share funny stories as you look through each photo. This is an especially great idea if you and your roommates moved in together within the past year.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your roommates, it’s sure to be a memorable one. So start planning now and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!


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