The best mobile companies in Canada

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You travel to Canada and want to stay connected to the Internet without paying for roaming, with the peace of mind of getting in touch with your family or finding a nearby restaurant. You will achieve all this with a data SIM for Canada.

Phone box: Get a Canadian phone number before you arrive, including a free SIM card for your unlocked phone. Great wireless plans and devices are available, with packages designed for international students.

Bell Canada: They have many options for you to choose the best plan depending on how long you are going to stay in Canada or the possible number of calls, and text messages, or how many megabytes you will need during your trip.

Telus: This provider offers multiple options when talking about Travel SIM Cards for Canada. Take a look at their Canadian SIM cards for tourists: all Telus SIM cards cost $ 11.10 USD and can be purchased at official stores and online by visiting their website. They do not have only data plans, you can pay $ 1.50 USD per MB or you can also activate any of the following packages, which are the only ones that include mobile data.

Rogers: This company is the leading telecommunications company in the country, and of course, it offers many options for you to stay connected while in Canada. One of the most popular alternatives is the Canadian Pay As You Go SIM card.

Freedom Mobile: Offers prices that are not only low but also simple and fair, with no hidden charges or overuse charges. Freedom Mobile, owned by Shaw Communications, has made its mark as an affordable transportation service serving subscribers in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

Fido: Allows you to choose from a variety of plans. Use Fido with your own unlocked mobile or buy a Fido mobile with up to 24 monthly payments. You can opt for a pre-paid or contracted service and add text and data options to your basic phone service.


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